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Grasp the motorcycle repair maintenance tips

        Listening to " refers to the use of auditory on motorcycles of various types of fault judging, develop good " to " force can be rapidly found some problems, identify the fault content, in order to further repair.
        Engine abnormal sound is all kinds of motorcycle accessories fault more difficult issues, to determine how to repair personnel is a basic skill. The engine running from various abnormal sound, on behalf of certain parts of the engine is in an abnormal state of wear. Engine abnormal sound judgment should be combined with the speed of the engine, abnormal sound positions, cold and hot state three factors to consider.
        Piston knock: engine after a period of use, the piston and cylinder body will have varying degrees of wear, so that the mutual gap increase. In the process of working, the clearance between the piston and cylinder body causing the piston in the cylinder body swing.
        Abnormal sound positions: the piston and cylinder wall between the strike appeared in more ringing " should " sound.
        Cold and hot state effects: because the engine is in the hot state, the piston and cylinder body due to thermal expansion will be relatively reduced, abnormal noise can be reduced.
        Note: if the car when the complete disappearance of the abnormal sound of engine, the normal work. As in a hot car to appear larger percussion sound, should check and replace the piston or cylinder body.
        Piston pin knock: engine operation process, piston pin and the connecting rod between the gap will gradually increase. If the clearance will cause abnormal sound of " blah".
        Abnormal sound positions: the sound in the left side of the engine to produce.
        Effect of hot and cold state: in the hot car to have more audible.
        Note: the abnormal sound, should be timely inspection, replacement of the piston pin, the connecting rod head.Valve knock: when the valve adjusting improperly or adjusting screw loosening, resulting in valve clearance is too large, the valve and the adjusting screw will appear between the "Da " percussion sound.



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