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Cylinder wear and abnormal wear reason analysis

Cylinder wear

When the engine works, will exist at the same time the following types of wear, although different, but mutual influence.

1 abrasive wear: due to inhalation of air mixed with dust, oil in coking, metal wear debris and other foreign impurities to form hard, abrasive, attached to the cylinder surface, caused by the wear of cylinder.

2 corrosion wear: combustible gas mixture produced after the combustion of acidic compounds (such as C02, CO, S02 ) and water vapor on the cylinder surface combination, metal corrosion, in the piston cylinder friction effect, surface metal loss, which causes the corrosive wear.

3 molten abrasion: when the cylinder and piston in poor lubrication condition of sliding, both have very small part of direct contact with metal, friction forming local hyperthermia, the melt contact adhesion, shedding, gradually expand namely abrasion, caused a serious " cylinder ".

Normal wear is the following trends : performance in the cylinder cross-section of piston skirt, due to the inherent profile and wall of the cylinder to produce lateral pressure will form an elliptical cylinder; shown in longitudinal section, because the upper part of the cylinder close to the combustion chamber temperature is high, not easy to form the oil film and the formation of large small inverted cone.

Abnormal wear reason analysis

1 cylinder wear: and the inhalation of a large number of dust or serious coking, should maintain or replace the air filter, removing carbon deposition, and check whether the oil leakage caused by.

2 cylinder lower wear: oil contains large amounts of metallic wear particles or dust, should be replaced with clean engine oil.

3 the middle of the cylinder wear: with the engine cold corrosion wear and cold start frequently, with cooling system check.

4 TDC first piston ring wear serious : description of engine overheating, heat is not good, should check the cooling system, the ignition system ( including spark plug selection ), in addition to check whether the big-end bearing looseness.

In six, after the harm to engine cylinder wear

After the piston and cylinder wear, with increasing gap, can be caused by oil leakage, gas leakage, compression pressure decreases, dynamic variation, it will result in serious knock, intensifying cylinder, piston, piston ring wear.

In seven, the cylinder and the piston clearance selection

Four stroke engine: 0.010mm-O.025mm; two stroke engine: 0.015mm~O.030mm.


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