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Comprehensive optimization of automobile and motorcycle accessories industry grows steadily

One, current situation of industry of Guang'an city Electromechanical industry business 38, among them, completed and put into production enterprises 30 households, 8 households in the construction enterprises.

Automobile, motorcycle cylinder enterprises completed and put into production in 16, and mining machinery manufacturing enterprises 4 households, electrical appliances enterprise 4 households, 6 households in other classes. Enterprises above 28 households, accounting for the city's Industrial Enterprises above designated 12.44%, realize production value 2050000000 yuan. The main products are: automotive spring steel, all kinds of motor, motorcycle, bicycle storage battery, high strength fasteners, miniature automobile crankcase assembly, the cylinder head of the engine, the type switch, car and motorcycle cylinder block castings, motorcycle miniature auto parts and other nine categories of more than 300 varieties.

2008 June, Chongqing Lifan, Jialing, Honda, Wuyang Honda, Chongqing construction group, the Japanese Honda, Chongqing Zongshen group company, Chongqing bank group and other large motorcycle enterprises sentinel supporting enterprises -- Chongqing Bank of auto parts manufacturers limited liability company, as well as its processing accessories products supporting enterprises, with production base will be moved to a whole Guang'an, Guang'an auto parts industry will enter rapid development of the new world.

Two, comparative advantage

( a ) market advantage

In 1, the national market in first half of 2007, China's automobile production and sales of 4457000 vehicles and 4374000, year-on-year growth of 22.4% and 23.3%. Motorcycle sales of 12019000 vehicles and 12026000, year-on-year growth of 13.4% and 15.2%. China has become the world's third largest automobile manufacturer in the world auto production, accounts for the proportion in 2000 from 3.6% in 2006 to more than 10.5%; motorcycle production accounts for the proportion to surpass 45% of world output. Automobile, motorcycle industry in our country has become a pillar industry of the national economy.

In 2, the Chongqing market Chongqing existing automobile production enterprise 24, vehicle production capacity of 1270000 vehicles, the local production capacity reached 920000; the existing motorcycle production enterprise 30, already formed of 8000000 cars, 10000000 engines of productivity. On 2006, autocycle is truckload output of 7510000 cars, motorcycles and engines for 7 consecutive years ranked first in the country. Motorcycle exports for 6 consecutive years ranked first in the country. Jialing, Zongshen, Lifan, construction, LONCIN 5 enterprises at the same time to enter the national motorcycle before the ten enterprises.

Chongqing automobile, motorcycle accessories demand is huge, and the local car companies in the city parts matching rate is low.

In 2005, the Changan group, sinotruk three plates in the city value matching rate averaged 42.2%. Which Changan shares for 62.9%; Changan Ford for 28.9%; Changan Suzuki was 62.2%; the 42%, truck 15.4%, and auto industry is truckload enterprise localization rate should be not less than 60% of the general practice to still have bigger difference. Chongqing existing dimensions above car, motorcycle parts enterprise adds up to 628, of which more than 261 enterprises scale auto parts, motorcycle parts manufacturing enterprise of nearly 425 households. Guang'an Chongqing Changan group and Lifan industrial companies such as important parts procurement district. The two group are committed in the same quality, same price conditions, give priority to the purchase of spare parts for the production of enterprises in Guang'an. I promise: the same price with city conditions, help settle Guang'an auto parts enterprises to become Chongqing Changan group and Lifan Industrial Company designated procurement enterprise; help settle Guang'an Chongqing Changan group, Lifan Industrial Company of supporting enterprises to increase the share purchase.

On 2007, the Changan Group annual automobile production capacity of more than 1500000, years of engine production capacity of more than 1250000. The Lifan Group motorcycle production and sales volume of 1570000 units, engine production and sales volume of 3060000 units, with

Annual production of 1000000 Taiwan general gasoline engine and its various terminal unit and a 300000 single cylinder diesel engine and diesel generator sets, with annual production of various types of bus, truck and special car production capacity of 6000, is planning to invest 2400000000 yuan of capital construction of passenger car production base, automobile, motorcycle accessories demand is huge.

3, Chengdu Chengdu automotive industry enterprise market amounts to Sichuan Province above 60%, sales revenue accounted for more than 70%, is Sichuan Province auto industry mainly to gather, the initial formation of a passenger car, off-road vehicles, trucks and parts development, production, trade as one of the automotive industry system, the existing vehicles and modified cars production enterprise 16, total assets 5000000000 yuan, annual production capacity of 100000 vehicles, products are mainly related to the truck, large and medium-sized passenger cars, off-road vehicles and special modified car, the main products to truck; bus products cover all kinds of high middle and low grade; to, bus, Prado SUV as the representative of the high-grade passenger car, off-road vehicle ( SUV ) and special modified car production in the country has a higher visibility; special modified car in the subdivided market has a high market share, fire equipment manufacturing company has become the largest domestic manufacturer of fire-fighting truck.

Have a certain scale, truckload the enterprise is having Sichuan Chengdu FAW Toyota Corporation, FAW, ACE Motor Corporation, FAW passenger car ( Chengdu ) company, Galaxy Auto Company, FAW special vehicle factory, Sichuan Sichuan company manufacturers such as Morita. Plan to 2010, formed with an annual output of 10, the production capacity of 200000 cars; to form an annual cross-country car production capacity of 20000; formed an annual output of large and medium-sized passenger car 30000 production capacity, focus on the development of luxury, the green environmental protection type low floor city bus, tourist bus and coach; formed an annual output of various types of cargo car production capacity of 250000; to encourage the development of various types of special purpose vehicle. Chengdu City auto parts enterprises 124 households, products are mainly involved in automobile chassis, body, electrical, instrumentation, engine assembly, transmission and seat, interiors, far cannot satisfy the Chengdu City existing vehicle supporting enterprises, need to be vigorously the development of auto parts industry, make industrial cluster.

( two) location: Guang'an is China's fourth growth pole of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle -- the construction of core area planning. The Chengdu-Chongqin economic zone was listed as key national development zone, is following the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing ferry in China after the fourth growth pole. Guang'an, Sichuan Province is adjacent to Chongqing recently in the city state, the area is 1 hour economic circle of Chongqing, Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle is located in position of core of Guang'an, superior location; and the resources are extremely rich, suitable for building large industrial base, is the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle planning economic construction core area, key project layout area. In 2, Guang'an has the development of auto parts industry a good traffic environment. Highway: Guang'an has built a wide ( ANN ) Yu ( Chongqing ) highway, wide ( ANN ) South ( filling) highway; is built into the southern ( filling) and ( in ) Expressway, adjacent ( water ) pad ( River ) highway; the territory of 318, 203, 218, 212 National Road, highway 304, and county, township the highway is arranged in a crisscross pattern, linking Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Ji'nan, Wuhan, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an, Guiyang, Guangzhou and other places of the important transport hub, transportation is extremely convenient. County Highway 218 to Chongqing city by a distance of about 130 kilometers, county road 212 to Chongqing city by a distance of about 110 kilometers. Railway: existing Xiang ( fan ) Yu ( Chongqing) railway through north and south, churchyard has 6 train stations, wherein the GuangAn Railway Station Xiangyu railway station on the two, day made to 13 pairs of passenger, passenger traffic volume of more than 2000 people, to delivery vehicles 15, more than 3300 tons of cargo flow. With the building of Xiangyu railway line opened and blue (state ) Yu ( Chongqing) railway construction, Guang'an passenger and freight transport capacity will be increased exponentially. Air: Guang'an from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, 1 hours away from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, 3 hours, 0.5 hours away from Nanchong airport. Water : the territory of the Jialing River Channel 78.5 kilometers, on to Nanchong, under the Chongqing aqueduct of gold of the Yangtse River is connected, can be perennial navigation 500 ton fleet. Domestic drainage river channel 131.2 kilometers, on to Quxian County, Dazhou, Hechuan Jialing River waterway connected up to 100 ton fleet, navigable.

Dominant factors of electric water: Guang'an water electrical energy. Guang'an electric power installed capacity already achieved 3000000 kilowatt, year electricenergy production in more than 10000000000 degrees. Guang'an power plant installed capacity of 2400000 kilowatts, 2010 to reach 3600000 kilowatts, Sichuan Provincial People's Government approved the incorporation has direct supply of pilot enterprises, direct supply electricity price 0.35 yuan / degree (including the wheeling cost 0.10 yuan / degree ). Government of Guang'an city people have been to the provincial government for some industrial concentrated district power supply issues, which will reply. Industrial water price 2.70 yuan / ton (including garbage, sewage treatment fee ). Guang'an natural gas reserves of 600000000000 cubic meters, has proven recoverable reserves of 150000000000 cubic meters, has the protection of gas, the natural gas price of 1.50 yuan / cubic meter.

Labor: the mechanical and electrical industry is the traditional industry in Guang'an, the heyday of hundreds of enterprises, the existing skilled workers more than 2 people rich. Guang'an rich labor capacity of more than 150 people, all kinds of training institutions dozens of, is now an annual training mechanical skilled workers more than 6000 people. Wages: in 600, 800 yuan / month; mechanic 1000 - 1200 yuan / month; managerial pay 1500, 2000 yuan / month.

Land: provide a " seven links one ping " industrial land, Guang'an area land price 80000 yuan / mu, other city and County District 56000 yuan, the existing 7000 acres of idle industrial land.

Logistics: Guang'an to Sichuan city state road transport logistics fee per ton 0.210.6 yuan / km; and Chongqing counties 0.380.60 yuan per ton / km; to foreign cities 0.240.35 yuan per ton / km. Air transport, shipping, railway transport price implementation of national uniform price standard.

Policy: local finance for investment reward policy, return part of the land fund, the highest reward land can implement " 0 " price. Enterprise since the date of profit, first years to second years, exemption from corporate income tax, third years to fifth years, corporate income tax levied. Administrative fees to implement the "0 " plan.


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